Limited Edition Cormo Natural Indigo


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Limited Edition Cormo Natural Indigo

Stone Wool’s Cormo Natural Indigo yarn was dyed with natural indigo, an amazing plant, and dye source, prized for centuries for its magical blue properties. Dyeing with Indigo is a time-consuming and elaborate production, as the dye will only yield color under precise chemical conditions, which must be constantly evaluated and adjusted. Indigo deepens with successive dips in the dye vat; the light color was dipped once or twice, the medium shade 3 or 4 times and the deepest shade up to 12 times. 

The yarn blooms in the soak and can be knitted in a wide range of gauges for different fabrics. We recommend needles size US 6 - 7 for hardwearing knits, up to US 9 - 10 for knits with drape.

Because our wool is not harshly scoured, a small amount of VM may be present. 

Looking for something to knit with this gorgeous yarn? View Stone Wool's Cormo Collection in our pattern store. 


Yardage: Approx. 200 yds [183 m] / 100g skein
Gauge: 5 sts per inch on size US 6 needle
               4.5 sts per inch on US 8 needle
Ply: 2-Ply


Wool: Montana, Wyoming, Pheasant and McEuen ranches
Spinning: Mountain Meadow Wool in Wyoming
Dyeing: Hand dyed by Jackie Ottino from Forage Color in Searsmont, Maine

We recommend alternating skeins throughout your project, to minimize pooling in variegated yarnsWhen knitting with your indigo dyed yarn, you may find a bit of blue on your fingers, or on your needles. This is called crocking and is normal. Small molecules of indigo that are too small to penetrate the wool fibers are being knocked out of place with the friction of your knitting.  It will wash off your hands. When you are finished with your project, wash it in a lukewarm soapy bath and rinse until clear.   


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