American Cormo


Briar 03 (50g Skein)
Briar 02 (50g Skein)
Briar 01 (50g Skein)
Osage 03 (50g Skein)
Osage 02 (50g Skein)
Osage 01
Tobacco 03 (50g Skein)
Tobacco 02 (50g Skein)
Tobacco 01
Alfalfa 03
Alfalfa 02
Alfalfa 01
Ozark 03 (50g Skein)
Ozark 02 (50g Skein)
Ozark 01
Karst 03 (50g Skein)
Karst 02
Karst 01
Shale 03 (50g Skein)
Shale 02
Shale 01 (50g Skein)
Scoured White
With our first mill-spun yarn we've stayed true to our roots, using springy Cormo wool from a pair of ranches located in Wyoming and Montana, and tinkering with the spin to make sure we're getting the most from this lovely...

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