Spun from fine Delaine Merino fleeces from the Bella Fourche region of South Dakota

American Delaine Merino – in 17 Colors

Delaine Merino's long silky staple takes dye exceptionally well, so we’ve started with seventeen rich colors, gently muted to work well alone or knitted up together. These colors were inspired by the rich prairie colors of Nebraska with the Autumn equinox in mind.

Summit Hat by Liz Bahl 

Delaine Merino wool is lively and crimpy fiber, with great bounce as well as fine-micron softness. To better show the wooliness of this lovely fiber, our Delaine Merino yarn is two-ply, and twisted just enough to hold the fibers in place—important for durability—but not so much as to lose the fiber’s inherent softness. 




Summit Hat by Liz Bahl – Unisex colorwork hat with doubled brim

Delaine Merino Fiber – Type C

Raised, shorn, cleaned, spun, and dyed in the USA

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