American Romney+Merino Roving


Quartz 03
Quartz 02
Quartz 01
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      Stone Wool's American Romney+Merino Roving is exceptionally light, airy and smooth. Wound by hand into center-pull 4 oz "cakes," spinning this wool into yarn is a joy.

      This roving was processed on semi-worsted machinery in upstate New York from small farm Romney wool raised in the Hudson River Valley and fine-wool Merino raised in the American west. Long staple length Romney adds sheen and ease in handspinning; lush Merino adds softness and squish to finished yarn. The Romney / Merino blend is available in three natural wool shades, and Romney is available in one natural silvery gray shade. 

      Romney wool adds a wonderful ease to handspinning softer, shorter staple Merino. For those who find Merino or other short-stapled wool a frustrating handspinning experience, we're confident this blend will make it a more enjoyable experience. 

      Quartz 01: Creamy white wool
      Quartz 02: A warm grey-brown shade
      Quartz 03: Onyx with metallic flecks of white fiber

      Disks are 4 oz. We do not use harsh scouring methods and some VM may be present.

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