• Limited Edition Yarn: Gulf Coast Native

    Posted on December 01 2020

    This week at Stone Wool we are welcoming a new limited edition yarn: Gulf Coast Native! Also occasionally known as the Pineywoods Sheep, Scrubs Sheep, Louisiana Native, Woods Sheep, Florida...

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  • Introducing ReKnit, featuring Alicia Plummer

    Posted on November 27 2020

    ReKnit asks designers to revisit a beloved pattern and reimagine it in one of our heirloom yarns, while asking, as a creator always must, which paths to take, and thus,...

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  • Fragmented by Tressa Weidenaar

    Posted on November 07 2020

    Say hello to the Fragmented Cowl by Tressa Weidenaar! We are very excited to share this new cowl with you all. Knitted in Stone Wool Cormo, our super soft, worsted...

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  • Consider Corriedale

    Posted on October 23 2020

    Ron C. Blackmore, Lincoln University Agricultural Education, 1947, reference #A2004.030 A little over 140 years ago, John Little of New Zealand mated a long-wool Lincoln with a soft fleece merino....

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  • Perpetua by Ruth Nguyen

    Posted on October 23 2020

    We are so excited to share the Perpetua Cowl, by Ruth Nguyen! This unique and challenging pattern uses our American Corriedale yarn. We love Ruth’s one of a kind design...

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  • California Red

    Posted on June 18 2020

    Today, we are excited to announce that preorders are now open for our new undyed yarn, California Red.We are so excited to get this small batch, limited edition yarn into...

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  • Styling Knits with Paige Auber

    Posted on April 17 2020

    We love to engage with our community through social media to help us understand your experience working with Stone Wool yarns, knitting our patterns, and more. When we are working...

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  • Wool–let me count the ways we love you

    Posted on April 10 2020

    Wool is warm. Nothing insulates you in cozy-cocoon manner like a wool sweater. Think about it. All the fibers in a sheep’s ungainly coat are designed to trap air and...

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  • Sheep, so many ways

    Posted on March 31 2020

    It's estimated that there are 1400 different kinds of sheep in the world. Imagine. Some are wooly round, all white and fleecy, with small ears that stick out at 10...

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  • Burnett Slippers Reimagined

    Posted on March 26 2020

    It’s all too rare that I have the pleasure of knitting someone else’s pattern. As a hand-knitwear designer, my knitting starts from the imagination and proceeds in fits and starts...

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