• Cozy Up Socks with Ann Budd

    Posted on August 13 2021

    Stone Wool's Pam Allen recently sat down with knitwear designer, Ann Budd, to talk about her newest pattern, the Cozy Up Socks. Grab your current WIP and tune in for...

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  • Cozy Up Socks for the Family

    Posted on August 06 2021

      These handmade socks are appealing in every way: they’re fun and quick to knit, require some interesting moves, and are endlessly varied—in color, shape, and size! Equally important, they...

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  • Knit a Warm Embrace

    Posted on July 23 2021

    Ann Budd is a knitter’s knitter. Among her many tasks as managing editor at Interweave Knits, she edited Beyond the Basics―a column that provided a comprehensive examination of knitting techniques...

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  • Sheepy Thoughts with Tammy White

    Posted on July 21 2021

    Pictured: Just a few of the many friends you'll find at Wing and a Prayer Farm, from which we've sourced our Limited Edition Cotswold yarn. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bakos....

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  • Cotswold, our new best sheep

    Posted on July 15 2021

    Meet Neptune, the Cotswold. Photo courtesy of Tammy White, Farmer at Wing and a Prayer Farm. The Cotswold is a longwool sheep developed in the Cotswold Hills of Southwest England, near the...

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  • Color Dominance: Tips & Tricks

    Posted on July 08 2021

      Want to make your color patterns pop? You can use the concept of color dominance to achieve the desired effect.  Consider the pictured Border Leicester project, the natural color (Scour) is...

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  • Top 5 Free Patterns in Delaine Merino

    Posted on June 10 2021

      With summer’s arrival, there’s a tendency to shy away from knitting with woolen yarns in lieu of warmer weather; however, here at Stone Wool, we relish the opportunity to...

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  • Delaine Merino, the (smuggled) Sheep

    Posted on May 19 2021

      The first merino sheep to set hoof on American soil were from Spain, two ewes and a ram smuggled out of their home country in 1790. During the height...

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  • Border Leicester, the (wonderful) fleece

    Posted on April 20 2021

      Border Leicester are handsome creatures. They have a curly fleece to frame the face, an arched nose, and neat black hooves. They’re longwool sheep, part of a family of...

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  • Border Leicester, the sheep

    Posted on April 20 2021

      In the last decades of the 18th century, while learned men of the Enlightenment sipped tea Edinborough drawing rooms and debated the age of the earth and man’s place...

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