Woodstove Season

Posted on January 07 2021

Woodstove Season

Our friend Alicia Plummer released her new pattern Woodstove Season, a brilliant winter essential knit with our American made Romney + Merino yarn. We shared a bit of history about this yarn earlier this week on our blog, discussing all the things that make Romney sheep so interesting and special. You can read it here

We asked Alicia to answer some questions about her new design, what inspired it and why she chose one of our best-selling yarns as her medium. She has also elected to donate a portion of the proceeds from this pattern to 'Maine Needs,' we asked her about that too! 

1. What inspired the textural pattern of Woodstove Season? 
When I design it's deeply personal and emotional- so much so that even stitch patterns can communicate moods and feelings. I love what the chevron represents, in so many ways. Chevrons are up, chevrons are down. There is a balance there- for every high there is a low and they create this beautiful rhythm of peaks and valleys. Much like this year, there have been many highs and lows--especially with the isolation and tension that a global pandemic has brought. Chevrons promise another high for every low, they create a balance visually that seems to me to feel like growth and beauty when viewed as a whole. I felt like that pattern from the Woodstove Season Cardi needed to be revisited for this very reason. 
2. Why did you choose Stone Wool's Romney + Merino yarn for one of your samples? 
Romney + Merino was actually my birthday present to myself. My mother and I spent the day together and we went down to Knitwit in Portland as a treat- I spent over an hour looking at colors and bases, asking myself "what do knitters want to see me design with? What colors would they like best?" when I realized that I was trying to choose yarn for other people and not myself. I then reasoned that I should grab the first yarn that spoke to me, and I grabbed the Romney + Merino. There's something so comforting about a rustic neutral skein.

3. What's your favorite part of winter knitting? 
Definitely the cozy, calm stillness. There's a solemn quietness to the world during wintertime, a peaceful rest where the ebbs and flows of the other seasons fade into silence. I love that peace, it's such a clean reset to grow and reflect each year.
4. How did you learn about Maine Needs, the organization you are donating a portion of the proceeds to? 
I'm not honestly sure if I came across them via Facebook or Instagram, but locally-driven charities always catch my eye. For a long time I've lived in a culture that says the homeless have put themselves into that situation. I think regardless of the reason they find themselves in need, as someone more privileged it is my responsibility to still have compassion. There are ways to help others without enabling, and one of those ways is through charities like Maine Needs, or by keeping a few pieces of fruit and snacks for panhandlers when you drive through the city. I've never had anyone turn down a banana and some pretzels or an orange before. Maine Needs also helps immigrants, women who need feminine products, and children who need winter clothing items. You can learn more via their Instagram handle or their website.
You can find Woodstove Season on Ravelry, and our Romney + Merino yarn in our shop in ten delightful colors! 


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