Styling Knits with Paige Auber

Posted on April 17 2020

Styling Knits with Paige Auber

We love to engage with our community through social media to help us understand your experience working with Stone Wool yarns, knitting our patterns, and more. When we are working with pattern designers, we’re considering how a piece of clothing will feel when worn, what it will look like, and how it will fit. We’re also considering the yarn color we choose to sample knit based on the colorway options for each yarn line. One of our favorite things about publishing a new pattern is seeing what color yarns folks choose to knit in, and it is so inspiring to see a piece come to life in different colors. 

When we first started working from home a few weeks ago, we wondered how we were going to breathe life to some of our knits while social distancing. We thought, what better opportunity than to ask a friend of Stone Wool, style blogger Paige Auber, to style and photograph some of our favorite pieces.

Paige and her husband, Ryan live in Portland, Maine’s West End with their one year old Corgi, Turnip (@turnipthecorg on Instagram!). Paige has an inspiring Instagram account where she is often posting highlights of her fashion, home, and lifestyle. We caught up with Paige to chat about her connection to the knitting community and her styling process. 

Paige, you modeled for Stone Wool about a year ago, and are now cozying up with some of our favorite pieces. You mentioned that your sister is an avid knitter and often shares her projects with you. How have you and your sister connected over knitting / fashion during quarantine? 
My sister Melissa and I talk all day everyday, so, especially with her countless knitting projects on hand, we're always bouncing off ideas about color combinations or what pattern she's using! It's a way to help us stay close but more importantly, focus on things we enjoy instead of all the other stressors in our world right now.

We loved the idea of styling Stone Wool knits in your everyday style. What is your creative process when it comes to styling?
While taking into account the weather and activity for my day ahead, I typically tend to style everything around one piece that I am certain I want to wear. Whether it be something more focal like a dress or even an accessory like a bag or a pair of shoes ... then the rest tends to follow! I like to keep a two-three color theme going on, which means even a neutral based outfit always has a pop of color.  


We, too, love a pop of color. Do you have any favorites from the Stone Wool collection?
The details of the Dot Dot Dash Pullover (main image) really stood out to me. I appreciate the thoughtful detail surrounding the neckline that wraps all the way around. 


Where can folks find your blog / Instagram? 
I post monthly on my blog via and my Instagram is (@vacillavi) !

– Interviewed + written by Abby


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